Extremly reduced fire risk
Cast resin mounting materials are less inflammable and can be defined as self-extinguishing. There is no need of special fire protection coatings. When engulfed in flames the heat given off from the cast resin is reduced and harmful gasses are decreased. These advantages make cast resin transformers a perfect choice for installations inside hospitals, public buildings, airports, subways, mines, oil rigs, nuclear power plants, ships, etc.

Reduced maintenance costs
Cast resin transformers are designed to withstand the worst climatic and environmental conditions. Preventive maintenance consists of a few simple checks and basic cleaning.

Versatility and performances
Cast resin transformers can cope well with overloads  found in most typical installations.

Low operation costs
The low losses in the magnetic core and in the windings can reduce the costs of operation and ownership.

High short-time overload capability
Current density in the windings of cast resin transformers is considerably lower than in those of oil-immersed transformers. Short-time load peaks, such as with wind power installations, can be easily overcome without  there being a need to plan the relevant  oversizing

High reliability
The modern technology employed in the manufacturing process of windings gives the product a high level of reliability.

Environment freindly
Cast resin transformers are exclusively air cooled. There are no liquid collants of chemical type, which could be releast into the environment. There is therefore less maintenance of cast resin transformers, compared to oil filled types. Cast resin transformers are the best solution in case of installation in water protection areas and parks.

Advantages of IP enclosure
Instead of traditional transformer bays, simple IP enclosures can be used for access prevention and protection of cast resin transformers. IP enclosures come in different types and colours depending on the client’s needs and preferences. The range goes from IP21 to IP54.