Magnetic Cores

The company’s first product, magnetic cores are still completely manufactured at POWER. Sp. z o.o. factory, remaining one of its core products.

Having started with one single cutting line and two assembly tables, from year to year POWER. Sp. z o.o. increased the production of magnetic cores thanks to continuous investments in its assets and professional development of its employees.

High market demand contributed to the decision of purchasing a brand new cutting line and 3 additional assembly tables in 2009. In the year 2010, a final step was taken to make POWER. Sp. z o.o. a serious and competitive manufacturer of magnetic cores: the company acquired a testing room allowing to test and certificate every single assembled core.

In the beginning of 2012 the company purchased noise measuring equipment to test noise level of the cores if required by the client.

In June 2012 POWER. Sp. z o.o. moved its production to a new automated workshop. This allowed to further increase the monthly production level and achieve greater flexibility so as to offer its clients a wider range of services and shorter delivery time.


Customized solutions

POWER. Sp. z o.o. applies quality control in every stage of production

Procurement stage

Aesthetic control of slitted coils and checks of the material parameters

Design stage

Verification of projects in terms of calculations and materials selection

Cutting stage

Control of machine settings, material quality and the level of energy losses

Assembly stage

Control of thickness and outer dimensions of the core and the supporting construction

Testing stage

Tests of losses followed by issuing of an official report

Delivery stage

Final aesthetic check of the core before packing and shipment

Easier maintenance

We at POWER. Sp. z o.o. have always been commited to providing our clients with products of the highest standard. This is why we use only high-quality certified materials from reliable European suppliers.

POWER. Sp. z o.o. produces magnetic cores strictly according to the clients’ projects. In our warehouse there is a rich supply of electrical steel with different parameters, enabling optimal selection of materials for each project.

Technical Info

Wide range of magnetic steel

The most common types of grain-oriented electrical steel offered by POWER. Sp. z o.o. include (EN 10107:2005 Standards):

Laser 75H23

Laser 80H23



It is preferable to use grain-oriented steel in transformer cores as it ensures much lower no-load losses, which means more efficient transport of energy from the production site to the consumption site

All of our grain-oriented electrical steels are distinguished by high magnetic impermeability thanks to a thin inorganic coating that provides an increased surface insulation resistance.

For some applications, POWER. Sp. z o.o. can also offer non-grain-oriented steel, e.g.:




Most of the magnetic cores are made by 45º Step-lap method both in European and American version.

The Step-lap technique guarantees a reduction of core losses, magnetic current and noise level by 10-15% as compared to the traditional solutions. POWER. Sp. z o.o. offers additional external protection of cores by covering them with a special coating in F temperature class. Cores for transformers of low and medium power range can also be cut and assembled by 90º method. A supporting construction for fixing the assembled core can be supplied by the client or manufactured at POWER. Sp. z o.o. according to the client’s project.

Types of Cores

Core range

Types of cores manufactured by POWER. Sp. z o.o. include:

  • Magnetic cores for 3-phase cast resin, dry-type and oil-filled transformers and reactors
  • Magnetic cores for single phase cast resin, dry-type and oil-filled transformers and reactors
  • Magnetic cores with 5 legs for converter transformers
  • Magnetic cores for chokes

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