Additional equipment to complete your cast resin transformer. Transformer fans, anti-vibration pads, protection relays

Forced Cooling Systems

PWF 1200-1800-3600

Thanks to the enhanced design, forced cooling systems by Power provide temporary power gain of a transformer of up to 40% from rated power.

Forced ventilation by Power copes perfectly with the two major problems appearing in transformer installations:

  • Provide overheat protection of the transformer during hot spells,
  • Increase the transformer’s capacity in the periods of peak energy demand.

By ensuring proper air circulation inside each column of a three- or single-phase transformer, our forced cooling systems help to make the best use of your transformer while maintaining its service life long and accident-free. Thanks to the enhanced design, they can provide temporary power gain of up to 40% from rated power.

Forced ventilation systems produced by Power consist of 4, 6 or 12 tangential fans depending on the transformer power and dimensions. They are delivered completely assembled and can be easily mounted on transformers of different capacity and dimensions.

We recommend using forced cooling systems together with temperature relays PWR07 or PWR08 (suitable for PT100 or PTC sensors), which monitor temperature inside the windings and switch on and off the forced ventilation when necessary, as well as controlling device PWR12, which diagnoses motor faults in the ventilation system by detecting changes in the current it consumes.

Power sp. z. o. o. offers the following models of forced cooling systems according to the rated power of the transformer

TypeTransformer rated power (kVA)Fan typeCapacity [m3/h]Bar Length [mm]Fixing Distance [mm]
PWF1200400 – 1000PF400~12001400670 – 820
PWF18001250 – 2000PF600~18001850820 – 1070
PWF36002500 – 3150PF1200~360022501070

Anti-Vibration Pads

PWAP 125-150-200

Anti-vibration pads are a smart, compact and inexpensive solution to reduce vibration and noise level of a transformer.

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Power sp. z. o. o. offers anti-vibration pads in 2 sizes according to the standard transformer wheels dimensions

Anti-vibration pads are mounted under the transformer wheels to reduce the level of its noise and vibrations. According to the internal tests, anti-vibration pads manufactured by POWER. allow to achieve a reduction in noise emission of up to 2-3 dB (A) from the nominal value. This can make a difference at places where noise and vibrations can be very disturbing, such as schools, hospitals, offices, apartment buildings, etc.

Power sp. z. o. o. offers anti-vibration pads in 2 sizes according to the standard transformer wheels dimensions

TypeL [mm]W [mm]H [mm]l1 [mm]w1 [mm]ØD [mm]Thk. [mm]Weight [kg/pad]Max load [kg/pad]Max compression [mm]

Monitoring Devices


POWER. Sp. z o.o. is a supplier of monitoring and control devices for cast resin and dry-type transformers, which provide essential thermic protection and ensure a long and failure-free service life of your transformer.

PWR08: Temperature relay for PTC sensors

PWR08 is a relay developed for temperature control of MV cast resin and dry-type transformers via PTC sensors (thermistors). It provides key functionality to prevent overheating of the transformer, i.e. activation of forced ventilation, alarm and tripping, as well as faults reporting. PTC temperature sensors (up to 3 series of 3 sensors for desired temperature thresholds) comply with DIN 44081 and 44082 standards and ensure reliable control of temperature inside the coils.

PWR07: Temperature relay for PT100 sensors

PWR07 is a microprocessor-based relay designed for temperature monitoring of MV cast resin and dry-type transformers. Equipped with up to 4 PT100 sensors, it can measure and display temperature inside each coil of a three-phase transformer and – optionally – the core or the ambient. PWR07 is easily programmed to take the necessary preventive measures when setpoint temperature thresholds are reached: activate the forced ventilation or alarm, emit a tripping order, as well as report an error. The device is distinguished by a high resistance to electromagnetic interferences.

PWR12: Control of forced ventilation motors

PWR12 is a controlling device specially dedicated for motors of forced ventilation systems. It diagnoses faults of motors by analysing changes in current consumed by them. Once a fault is detected, the device will signalize it on its display and, optionally, send a signal to a connected alarm system. PWR12 is compatible with temperature relays PWR07 or PWR08 and can be used for switching fans both in automatic and manual mode.

PT100: Temperature sensors

PT100 temperature sensors are known for high accuracy and stability, owed to the properties of platinum, used in their construction. These qualities make PT100 perfect for application in thermic protection of cast resin and dry-type transformers.

IP Enclosures

Protection Housings

POWER Sp. z o.o. with aim to maximize his portfolio on the field of cast resin transformers and dry type transformers offer to his clients also enclosure with different kind of protections for indoor and outdoor installation.

Typical are the protection IP21 and IP23, but there is also the possibility to supply protection housing also with higher protection, such as IP31 up to IP55 with different kind of RAL.

The enclosures can be dispatched assembled or disassembled according the preference of the costumers. All the enclosures made by POWER Sp. z o.o. are designed in order to guarantee the adequate natural ventilation of the transformers. With special requirement the protection housing are produced in galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum in order to avoid the problem of the rust, especially for outdoor application.

POWER Sp. z o.o. has is his offer 5 kind of standard enclosures internally projected according the power of the transformer:

Housing typeWheel (mm)Power (kVA)IP 21 A B C (mm)IP 23 A B C (mm)IP 31 A B C (mm) Weight (kg)

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